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Pennyroyal Programming  brings 30 years of software development experience to the creation of IPhone, IPad, and Android applications. Our first application was WoodworkerCalc, the first calculator design specifically for fine woodworkers or anyone needing an easy-to-use calculator that handles fractions. That was followed by QuiltCalc and then DataBaseBall. Recently, WoodworkerCalc was implemented on Android as a general fraction calculator.


DataBaseBall 2012 is our latest creation. For the first time, you can have access to all baseball statistics back to the start of baseball (1871, actually) on your phone or ipad without the requirement of an internet connection. DataBaseBall views baseball as a collection of players, teams, pitchers, and managers all linked in a complex network. Using DataBaseBall you can follow the flow of players and teams and view detailed information at any time.

For example, from the San Francisco Giant’s team card, you can view all the players (and their salaries) on the 2008 team. From that list, you can select Bengie Molina and view his card. There you can select to view his batting and fielding statistics or view the other teams he has played on. You can spend hours exploring the relationships between players and teams.

For more detailed information, you can drill down to detailed statistics or follow a link to the player’s MLB.com player page.

New for 2012 is the capability to fully search the data. You can build complex searches over any of the fields then save these searches if you want to run them again. The results of a search are fully linked with the other data so you can continue browsing once you’ve found what you’re looking for.

The ipad interface has also been improved to take better advantage of the larger display surface.

The statistics are complete through 2011 and will be updated periodically.





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